Promoting open educational resources

Finding good learning resources online can be difficult enough in itself. Finding good resources that have the right license that allows you to use the resources in your classroom or at home is even more difficult. The idea behind OER Global Search is to make it easy for anyone to find resources that supports reuse, re-mixing and re-contextualization.

“ We at OER Global Search think sharing is the future of education! ”

The word “open” can be used in almost any context and very often it will bring a positive association with it. In some cases it does not matter if one uses the term precisely, but when used to describe educational resources it is crucial that we understand the difference between “open” as in open access and “open” in its more pure form, for example a resource that is licensed under Creative Commons. Many of the MOOCs that are launched these days will give open access but the content is not released under a free license. As you might know one of the “O”s in MOOC stands for Open, so this can be confusing.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela ”