OER Tools for free

Pinterst is a great tool if you just want to start collecting links to your favorite OERs. Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through collections known as pinboards. Users can then save individual pins to one of their own boards using the "Pin It" button, with Pinboards typically organized by a central topic or theme. Users can personalize their experience with Pinterest by pinning items, creating boards, and interacting with other members.

Wordpress is a great plattform if you want to start your own OER based on a simple website. There is a service called WordPress.com which lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in seconds. You can also download and install yourself.

OER Commons provide a tool called Open Author so that you can create your own OER. It is also possible to re-use and re-mix. OER commons was created by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, was developed to serve curriculum experts and educators in discovering open educational resources (OER) and collaborating around the use, evaluation, and improvement of those materials. Teachers, students, and others enrich this "metadata" when they tag, rate, and review materials, and share what works for them.

Quizlet is a greate tool to create and share quiz-like memorization on any subject. Quizlet began as an idea conceptualized by Sutherland to memorize 111 animal names for his French class. After realizing the daunting task of mechanical memorization, Sutherland sat down to write code for a program to aid him in memorization. As a memorization tool, Quizlet lets registered users create "sets" of terms customized for their own needs. These sets of terms can then be studied under several study modes.

Moodle is a free and open-source software learning management system written developed on pedagogical principles. Moodle is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors.

H5P is a tool that lets you create interactive content on your website. H5P’s goal is a richer online experiences that empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content. By making it easy for professional content creators and publishers to create, maintain and reuse rich internet content, H5P will empower creatives to create richer and better experiences more efficiently.

Gooru.org is a plattform that support teachers in personalizing learning for every student in their classrooms. The service lets you create your own and search among millions of open and free resources, collections, and courses in Gooru’s catalog. Items are tagged with rich metadata and cover a variety of K-12 topics. Thousands of collections and quizzes created and shared by educators are easily customized for personalized learning in every class. Browse libraries of high-quality vetted K-12 courses in Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, AP Government, and AP Computer Science Principles.

If you want to translate resources into your native language there are specialized tools that you can use. Transifex and Crowdin are localization platforms for translating Digital Content. Both these platforms support crowdsourcing.

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